Invarmex – Stainless Steel Pools

When your pool needs refurbishing - choose stainless steel.

An old leaky concrete pool will become as new with the latest technology and equipment.
We supply complete projects with desired accessories - to swimming pools, hotels, spas and rehabilitation facilities.
All our production takes place in Helsingborg, Sweden - choose a safe Swedish supplier.

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A common pool may vary in length, width and depth depending on your layout and configuration.



We are alsoyour supplier of many other products, such as pool covers, ladders, stairs and much much more.



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Stainless steel is inert and is not affected by pool water, chlorine etc. and remains corrosion free for decades

Invarmex – Waterproof guaranteed

The first requirement for each pool design is that the pool remains watertight.

Invarmex stainless steel technology is the solution.

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